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A World Only Gods Know

by Alpha x Scorcese

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  • "A World Only Gods Know" Limited Edition Compact Disc [4 REMAIN]
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Of the greatest musical experiences I had growing up was the opening of my newly purchased CDs. I used to love defying all laws of physics to rip the stickers off the plastic, placing them lovingly back onto the jewel case, and then reading every word within the liner notes. The pictures, the art, and sometimes the lyrics all were part of the experience of listening - It created a connection with the artists and in many ways validated our purchase. With streaming sites taking away this experience, Alpha & I wanted to return that feeling to our fans with this limited edition compact disc.

    This limited edition CD comes with a 20 page color cover booklet filled with lyrics and exclusive artwork from Theotis Jones (Marvel, The Combat Jack Show). In addition, the CD itself comes with THREE exclusive records that will NOT be released online:

    -'Black Zombie,' "Company Ft. Big V & Juspaul,' and "Ceasar.'

    A purchase of a hardcopy will also give you access to an immediate DL of the digital version of the album, which includes the two digital bonus records, giving you all of the records we deemed worthy of "A World Only Gods Know."

    Includes unlimited streaming of A World Only Gods Know via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Hello World 03:33
Intro: (Scorcese) Uh oh Uh oh She say that she likes me Ohhhhhhh And she lied Ohhhhhhh Hey Alphie… Scorcese She likes me… Verse: (Scorcese) Hilfiger fuck that polo Fucking up the game like Romo Walking through the club on slo mo Walking through the club on slo mo Had to say it twice like Mike Jo Touch me nigga thats a no-no My niggas loco, when they explode Whole team blackout like jo-Jo Bang like a barrio of cholos Hit em with the bricks like cotto Slab so sweet call it Coldstone Issey Miyake my Cologne Bad yellow bone from soho Million dollar dream no chokehold No virgil, sip Merlot, porsche 9-11 with turbo That's how the flow go, I'm Frozone Bitch where the fuck is my super suit? So high I'ma need two parachutes So fly Haley comet gon scratch the roof! G4 or G5, lemme stop lying, I defy science I'm the rap equivalent to cop sirens God defiant with a heart of violence Just observant, confident in pain As the world rotates all I hear it say... Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you Youre Cool… Hook: (Brian Ennals) Hello World, goodbye life We gon party like it all ends tonight Cuz we know we know we know we know we know This the only world that gods know (gods know) As I'm lounging on this cloud I ain't ever coming down This the only world that gods know (gods know) Cuz we know we know we know we know we know Cuz we know we know we know we know we know So fuck you Bridge: (Scorcese) Have a conversation with the chaos in my mind Deep within my soul no piece I could define I decline to sympathize, with facades I improvise I'm surprised I could survive when I'm feeding all these lies But I Know But I Know But I Know But I Know But I Know But I Know Hello World...
Intro: (Scorcese) Shit smell good man Ya know Roll up, Po up if you got it Potent product Cigarillo memories Two shots of Hennessy Ya know Verse: (Scorcese) Turn up! Ya bitch shaped like a Turnip Mines is perfect cursive and she sweeter than syrup Cosmic rays she loves my waves like the Silver Surfer So til they Free Max B I'ma be a nigga for life I'm Eazy-E shaking hands with Herbert Walker Snort blow with Cyndi Lauper cocaine sprinkled on my Ferragamos I'm Newt Gingrich in with A Jheri Curl and Raiders Cap Before I fade to black like Hov's fake retirement A titan inspires men, but you ain't riot when Five white women decided African dreams Wasn't worth the dirt Trevon was buried between Shit's' embarrassing Everybody's a Blood but where the fuck is the Crips at? Commit that. Fuck it! Matter fact shut the fuck up While I split a Cigarillo take a sip off my double cup Hook: (JusPaul) Cigarillo memories floating over seven seas Seven dreams, seven kings, seven sets of these Fine women, fine linen, and the finest weed I'm Solomon a Solo Man in Polo Man A Lo Life, Young Dro life a Poltergeist Floating down the mainstream stay above the radar I'm Razor Ramon without raising my tone As I take another puff and smoke swirl, swirl, swirl Verse: (Scorcese) It's the Return of the Jedi but Luke joined the darkside Head a pauper's cry skimming Dr. Malachi The malice inside made me sympathize with Palpatine A parasite sponging off the world's shame A paradox, a rubix cube, an angel's ruse A devil's bargain… I ain't begging for pardon But pass the Grey Poupon of life So I can spread wealth to every nigga in sight I'm just a martyr on the MARTA, a spectre on the SEPTA A rebel in my rhyme, a pebble pausing time I'm every dream and every nightmare Cheating, cuz I don't fight fair And fair don't mean equal I think about my life and all the people I touched I know I work hard, but feel it's never enough While I split a cigarillo take a sip off my double cup Hook Verse: (Scorcese) Cigarillo Melodies… Two shots of Hennessy Maya asked why the Caged Bird sings But may I ask Why? Burn this motherfucker down! I'm Michael Render You Teddy Pendergrass, Duncan Pinderhughes My niggas built to lose Cuz crackers caking up off Stop Snitching Tees What a Tease Malcolm said the true price of freedom is death But that war cry fell on deaf ears Stressful living got us living in force fields Of our creation… another bad decision Like choosing religion… but let me chill My life is Logan's Run, with smokers lungs Same special effects, plus these jewels I got Glow spectacular Outro: (M. Henry) Cual es el mundo que solo dioses conocen. Es la vida. Es la muerte. No es que me da miedo lo desconocido porque lo que conozco me da suficiente miedo. es el amor. es el odio. mejor que la sexualidad. es tu y yo solo tu y yo… el rey y la reina… los soberanos… damelo todo
Intro: (Scorcese) *Yawns* Yeah… Scorcese Hiya Dan. 3 Billion? Yo alpha that ain't no fucking money my nigga Opulence Verse: (Scorcese) A thug's destiny Fulfilling drug dealer fantasies Of stacking kis and flipping Gees Til we legitimize How are you to criticize, critique and analyze Our strategies… to develop businesses That further goals of plazas erected in large cities Cuz ain't shit wrong with Rockefeller and Kennedy Kingdoms Enjoy ya fiefdom I'm focused on my financial freedom Creating Camelot the samurai with sample sizes Dimes, dubs, and wholesale price points We just a Walmart with a target stretched across our fitteds Vicious cycles of reprisal led our idols to denounce The same procedures used to procure their standing in our eyes It’s no surprise that they view us with contempt But the irony stings the unwashed masses, Fascists and fashion call me old fashioned Man, this fabricated hatred, for this militarized narcotics addled culture Who now worship entertainers with cursory knowledge I maintain solace that solving this disconnect Is just a simple test - Is it justice or just us? Is it fuck you or fuck us- man, fuck the world! Cause civil unrest and local ruckus evade the toughest Who toughed out the demise of black businesses See how it comes full circle?We ouroboros in Gucci logos Self-sustaining hatred For the green rectangles with cracker faces Man fuck relaying a passive statement I'm out trying to collect massive savings On the island cayman Greeting M-Lito just like a conquering hero On the phone with Patrick, relaying messages few comprehend Just an everyday convo between wanted men Admiring scenery in Georgetown as we bending corners Recruiting vikings that move rock and make christians ponder Collect sacks of dirty money that we prepared to launder Scrub it clean My sins, my soul, and all this money, Whew LAWD Karma's a pimp in a 77 seville Wearing 7in heels with diamonds adorning her grill To real to exist, to flashy to be ignored You can bite the bullet… or fall on your own sword The fear from your own pores the reason you own Porsche Think you can outspend the FEDS? Man they got outfits that's designed to outwit you Face it duke, this passage only leads to madness But yet and still we chasing Donald Trump Status…
Verse: (Scorcese) Stretch ya hand and I'ma chop it off How dare you ask for a favor, from ya bosses boss? Shrimp scampi, angel hair noodles, white wine sauce Rewind Diana Ross reload the Nina Ross Ceido Medo while I'm focused on the green dinero Hocus pocus, gucci loafers caked with baking soda Cape for soldiers moving weight from Maine to Nova Scotia We bang revolvers problem solvers adding pain to mothers Loss of child clips replayed when they hear Bilal Nightmares, walking dead cuz they sleep impaired You either sheep or sheared be scared or cut to pieces I lust for Custom Coupes with the Honey Mustard features Butterfly doors a whore that makes Winos sober Her beauty stunning plus she funny that's the proper order Head nods and cat calls cuz there's props in order Yeah I'm stunting all the world is my stage show Hook: (Scorcese) Dallas streets cruising round bout 4 AM This that fly shit the type you never seen again No minks no leather, I'm just pimpin a pen We live that life that you wishing against More money more power more women and shit It's me and Alph motherfucker who you think this is? Jeah! Dallas streets cruising round bout 4 AM Dallas streets cruising round bout 4 AM Bridge: (Lakei Day) Cruising and there ain't nothing But all those flashing lights Green ball is steady spinning Those Dallas nights Cash keeps on flowing The wrist is full of ice 4 Am in Dallas The breeze is feeling right Verse: (Scorcese) This a Gods know bounce Me and Alph Lauren deposit large amounts Couple bank accounts between us we race with money Paper chase til Forbes place our wealth with Buffet Relate to war settle scores equate our pain with Duncan MacBeth or Mcleod score dreams, Kings we came from nothing Now we fronting eating shrimp by the pound Rest in peace to Chad Overdose on Iodine, We gon meet you Chad Bad Mamacita with the see-through bag Relax poracita, we gon feed you damn Ok… had to let the streets breathe Bumping track 5 by Jeezy, I'm the street dream Shuffle acting fancy, Bam Bam by Sister Nancy Spin round Delany making Cameos in Candy Grammy Family Hov restoring feelings from the stove Up the road… from where the Mavs play Hook: Bridge: (Lakei Day) Cruising and there ain't nothing But all those flashing lights Green ball is steady spinning Those Dallas nights Cash keeps on flowing The wrist is full of ice 4 Am in Dallas The breeze is feeling right
Galactus 05:40
Intro: (Scorcese) Galactus… Galactus… Who is… Galactus… Galactus… I'm Galactus… Verse: (Scorcese) Doing the Dougie in Tune To this Angel's groove Dealt a dead man's hand Can't salute in this saloon Full of hot air As your bullshit balloons Cocooned by a smile Barely concealing my rage Serenades fall from Heaven's grace It's a phase, two-stepping through the devil's cabaret More school days, less School Daze… If you get my meaning.. If not - sequence our rhythm til your girl swallows semen I'm fucking around… I got a couple questions… submit your answers Never danced with the devil- So why you buying her drinks? Why would a Sher Khan give a fuck what a Mufasa thinks? You was Desert Storming, but never enlisted as a soldier? Tasked with charming snakes… til you became COBRA? Fucking Serpentor's… Verse: (Scorcese) I'm Galactus, eater of worlds covet ya earth No Heralds involved strictly Harold's Chicken involved 10 minutes of sex three piece with mild sauce A mild cost to treat ya ho's mouth to my mouthwash Brush ya teeth with my unborns gone before the sun dawn The hellspawn, Al Simmons in foul linens The outer limits where my journey beginning In the zone by my twilight silhouettes of hot dykes Hot sex by the platter, tongue down her rabbit hole Oh Lawd! I'm the Mad Hatter! Grin so Cheshire, splurge on the Best Western This our wonderland now take off ya WonderBra You a House of Cards, but who Smokin Aces? Titties trash but them yams taste like sweet potatoes Am I wrong for whipping cream on the devil's pie Life's a joke even Chappelle couldn't improvise World in my palm, wrist so numb Broad in my lap but I still don't come Sarcasm, that's the armor of a scorned lover Going out on my shield doing the Danny Glover Stand before you naked, color blind and racist Refuel my spaceship, Ronnie Fieg Asics Beyond normal, seance with immortals Blow dro, stronger than Kevin Sorbo Vision Futurama, weed green like Morbo Replaying Portal while i'm crushing Digiorno's Laugh at jokes my damn grandpops whisper Vivid snapshots, video vixen asshots No love for the ratchets Patches on my Members Only jacket Fashion wizards casting death on other spell casters Avada Kedavra, three tacos carne asada Thinking bout my start and I start to get nauseous Fight to the finish I'ma finish regardless Shooting for the stars dodging spaceships and comets Life shit cloud my brain, but these horns so colonic Convert life into phonics Fornicating to the sounds of the Isleys Just another love TKO! I ain't Teddy Pendergrass… I'm Blade Brown he can be ya Duncan Pinderhughes Win or lose I'ma move the way a sinner move With the same moves a center do I'm Pat Ewing when his knees still worked With both eyes on the money like a Rothstein With low self-esteem, but I elevate Levitate, glide like a featherweight I inseminate non-fertile grounds Witness the birth of an evil seed I'm Galactus Outro: (Scorcese) Excuse me… but I have a public service announcement to make I...AM..Galactus I'm the Eater of Worlds… I'm a Demigod I'm a smooth, laid back motherfucker The Type to steal your bitch… And make you pay for the meal… Ya'mean? I know y'all been riding with us… grooving Understanding that this is a world.. That only a God knows Oh! I'ma take a couple bars off… let Alph live The incredible Alph Lauren ladies and gentleman Scorcese Lorde Jones Galactus You got ya cups put em in the air… You got your weed roll up… You got a bad bitch… hit that shit one time Cuz I'm…. Galactus…
Intro: (Scorcese) Fundamentally... Fundamentally sound Stacking Chips on Record Crushing Every Single Enemy Verse: (Scorcese) It's like Duncan and Ginobili… Hold Up It's like freebase and heroin made me drug dealer Kobe Going on award tours celebrate accomplishments Even in retirement lettuce cheese my condiments Those are euphemisms Shells a black superhero Robbing the poor applaud the champagne Azure The Genie blue seats, Apu on the wheel Dealer granted three wishes damn I'm so real I'm Prince Ali I'm Prince mixed with Ali I rest in peace, resurrect now you can crown me king I'm the king of the Knock Knock shotgun to ya nose shit Three goonies flipping with a mask like Psycosis I'm Pentagon Jr pimping in the Uber Plot on armed robberies for Lucci Imma Luchadore Wrestle with my conscious Sharks in the water but they share hot stock tips Thankfully a wolf knows how to swim Currently these currents go scorcese drowning in sin Simply put, a nigga putting ass to foot Are you talking cash shit or speaking out ya tush? I don't need the karma su to slide dick in ya boo Putting numbers on the board and I ain't have to shoot My passes Ricky Rubio beware in the post Trying to blow keeping one eye open, I'm Bazooka Joe I'm Nate Dogg on Next Episode fly Ready to Die dream BIG while you riding the pine Look at ya size, I'm NBA bound you in the Rec League Stick up kid destiny, Drug dealer recipe Swagger like the Mack I time walked through the 70's This a Hustler's thesis This is how you survive in the Belly of the Beast that eats us Verse: (VodKa) I might jam you, 2-3 Tim & Manu Or play man and I'll spin move the handle Really what I'm saying is I'ma 28 gram you Gimme 20 or 21 back Tim & Manu I ran the streets with the torch you lit ya candle You wasn't off of the porch and I was randle Really what I'm saying it was a lot of bird's handled In Hell's Kitchen, 1212 skinnies same cabinet as the dishes My grandma's upstairs eating chitlins My uncle in the basement getting busy The ruler two twenty five the stove on 350 On the graveyard shift like a vampire bit me I was in the van with the Rambo blicky On a crash dummy mission straight to the penitentiary Black clouds, full moon getting tricky With a jason mask on in a room fulla hippies To all my bitches slipping hating niggas mickies We gon toast the champagne but I'ma drink the whiskey Behind the back pass and a layup on the chippy Really what I'm saying is I passed off the winnings 180 30's, four 0's a trip to Jersey 2 hours, one goal let's get this money 5 girls, two cars, one car dirty Bankrolls, two hundred and fifty 20's 10 points, um… well 9 I'm getting Thirsty They ain't wavy I said they channel surfing 360 tint he 17 and he 6'10 Run the graveyard shift from 10 - 10 When he should been in the gym doing 6 inches He 60 bundles a day in the trenches He thinking bout benzes, he ain't thinking bout getting suspended I ended it with what you wanna be he said Timmy Or Manny, but he in prison.. He in prison...
Intro (Scorcese) Boom Boom Money Boom Boom Power Boom Boom Zipsquad Hook (Scorcese) Wells Fargo, B.O.A We stack paper til the day that we D.O.A D.E.A, FBI We only fear the RICO so til the day we die We Do it BIG, BIG, we do it BIG (Get Money) We Do it BIG, BIG, we do it BIG (Get Money) We Do it BIG, BIG, we do it BIG (Get Money) We Do it BIG, BIG, we do it BIG (Get Money) Verse: (BIGSPITGAME) Been had skills, D'usse’ spill Lil Mama on the Pill I'm bout to chase a hunnid mil Til a nigga winded Time is money holla at ya when I get a minute Hey time is money and that clock gon keep on ticking innit We got it clicking formed a plan and it was implemented Black suburban she said she swore it look like big was in it A bit pretentious bitch there better not be no hits for niggas Aye life is short but the clips extended In the commission, you ask for permission The Pyrex visionary kings of the kitchen Scratch it if you itching baby bring me your addiction Syringe sold separately, parts and accessories Got on my suit and tie for my date with destiny Told niggas my next play we gon kill the game and rest in peace Bucks county, 100, absolutely definitely 215 since I been alive and I'll be that til the death of me Before he takes my breath from me I submit my legacy you gon feel my energy long after life ends for me Say so much more of you if you think any less of me If you ain't got no check for me you ain't even gotta check for me I promise… Hook Verse: (Scorcese) Gold plated desert eaze make you shit in ya drawls nigga Try to wrestle end up paralyzed like Droz nigga Ghetto supastar trying to score like Pras nigga Prada, Gucci, Louis closet look like the mall nigga Ball like Gasol nigga, young chris paul nigga Quick to the point I'm the one they anoint Bitch niggas start to shiver real niggas rejoice Cuz they recognize a Reagan-era baby, hustler's spirit Less than 10% cut, so the customers cheer it We chop it and bag it the prodigal savage We uh, copping them ladders for the coppas and rattas Who uh, wanna lock and harass us, so we rock and roll Live on a prayer I'm Bon Jovi with two rollies Dope boys watch the Dope boys watch The trapper of the year watch me claim this spot The Ex marks it, from the block to the red carpet Broke in the womb but rich when I my coffin Cuz I'd rather die enormous than live dormant Rather spend my life in a cage then turn informant Hook Verse: (Sandman) Yero, Cannon! I do it BIG my ten crack commandments Long kiss goodnight the cops they can't stand it Don't move me, I cook it til the oils is juicy They don't love you, go by the everyday struggle For them flaudrent ass fakers who paying that ransom? They dead wrong, fuck them haters, we players the anthem Get money and more on top of that Mo money mo problems shit I can handle that Me and my troops Bally shoes and suits, Gimme the loot Come for mine and somebody gotta die I don't party or bullshit, things done changed It's either me and bitch, or a skitz fulla things Cooking CREAM, I ain't selling no raw, bust it down Bag it up, tag it up till they kick in the door If it isn't the law they getting hit with the sawed Off, fuck you mean pussy? you niggas bleed just like us That's all I'm just playing, Cannons, Inc just do it BIG Ya'll dudes just playing running ya mouths ready to die just scream Until what I wanted you find out what's beef That's Cannons on Inc Hook
Intro: (Scorcese) Yo Yo Yo Yo yo Yo You know I can't sing right? Thank you… it's been a bit of a journey but This is the world only gods know Verse: (Scorcese) Poetry and guns, the crooked life of pablo Prince of the trash heap, forgotten like Sabo Excited by the scribes that exist within the cosmos Cosplay with god's sipping vodka in the condo Old school consoles, we sinning with the saints Go to war with the zealots, they eating I ain't Relics relishing they steak but my stakes is high So I butcher the strip but I must insist that I stay fly Song cry holy moly holy hovitos aged The vibes of young hosito bearing crosses across the stage Just play my part a young martyr popping pills Two stepping with the ratchet I'm swinging, Serena Will Holding court serving white like Sharapova We wild like Minnesota, smoother than Kenneth Cole is Bogus emotions got me lusting after FLOTUS Floating on a kush cloud, focused, chasing greatness Just like the Gorgon chased Jason… face it… Outro: (Scorcese) Poetry and guns Ballads and bullets Sonnets and scopes Haikus and Handguns Welcome to a world That only Gods know Alpha... Scorcese... Let's go...
Intro: (Scorcese) What the World Know Bout what them God's Know What the World Know Bout what them God's Know What the World Know Bout what them God's Know What the World Know Bout what them God's Know Verse: (Scorcese) Waking up give a fuck for what? Too damn early for a papercut Glass half full but it's a paper cut Pride a leaky faucet never trust a lawman Why impede the progress of a starving artist Make ya head spin like Petey Pablo When you read the bible you perceive the lies too? Or do you believe all the dreams they tied to? You Izzy ass Fake, or Drizzy ass Drake? Emotions is ghost but it's cool cuz you relate Like play cousins but hey cousin How it feel to rule the world but aint save nothin Bunch of Light Yagami's niggas type punani Worse type of ramen in some tight pajamas I'm Sifo Dias, Fly Adidas, Got a warrior's features, trying to clone my genius Got ya bitch doing yoga sipping lime-a-ritas I'm John Cena way I hit that twat Might botch the move but I'ma hit that spot Finger scrape the sky nigga fuck the cops I'm a cloud surfer, cloud kicker sipping dark liquor I'm a foul nigga in a tailspin Bounce from the crash like well then I'm blasphemous, cancerous, half-a-pound of cheap cannabis World is a pyrex when I whip my wrist Move crack like the surface split, so copernicus Cuz the world spin around while the sun shine Hope dashed like a bad 40 time at the combine Hoes ass bout the size something I can't describe What a time to be alive What a time to be alive What a time to be alive Hey Hook: (Scorcese) Bricks in the Suitcase staring at the lord's face Lungs filled with all that dro Fiends wanting more based Gotta keep my kids safe This the only world gods know You ever wake up feel your life been paused Under pressure like a diamond but can't hide your flaws My nigga, pour up Roll up, smoke up This is a world that only gods know Bridge: (Scorcese) Back to sleep what the fuck was that? Life so blackish gimme a laugh track One traffic stop damn I'm a hashtag Shame it's a crime being a black man Damn Verse: (Scorcese) Sacrifices for the pain provided Forced to walk earth as a race divided So i rage in silence as I parade in violence Stole truth from a leper got repaid in kindness Ain't no plus or minus just lust vagina Trust is a blanket? nigga fuck u Linus Insecurity here like party favors Or souvenirs in the atmosphere But back to incompetence lack of accomplishments War within my ID lost a battle to my confidence Super ego to the rescue, so Freudian In a quiet panic who let the noise in Pick ya poison, be a serf in heaven or a ruler in hell I choose nada, the devil wear prada, and shells can't afford that, Ghetto rorschach Black Lorax, trying to understand america like Borat Stay woke you fucking snorlax, kicks like forbath Words are weapons nobody can't avoid that Pierce through hearts my tongue plenty sharp Fuck R&R I ain't weary enough to rest In the corner like Revis but too leary to press Stay depressed or the talons of regret become stress Life shitty choices which stink the best Hold ya nose and take the plunge young dolph lundgren Feeling like RZA when the feds bust in It's all or nothing nigga go straight like... Outro: (Scorcese) Bricks in the suitcase Lord's face Fiend's wanting more base Kid's safe You ever wake up feel your life been paused Under pressure like a diamond but can't hide our flaws My nigga… pour up Roll up Smoke up This is a world that only gods know
Hook: (Brian Ennals) Riding Down the Highway Ash flicking sideways Dreaming through the radio I know I gotta get somewhere somehow But I ain't got no place to go Angels in the clouds, Jesus in my loud Hell's heat right up underneath me Looked up in the mirror and all that I can see Is I'm the only thing that can defeat me Verse: (Brian Ennals) Walking real slow past the liquor store window Starting to see my fathers features creeping in a lil Thinking to myself in if the revolution come I'm screaming to my girl like "Annie, Get ya Gun!" Cancer and oxygen fight for space in my lungs We raise men to be evil I don't' want no Sons Dreaming bout riches, waking up before I get it They want you two ways - nigger rich or timid Barely talk to my fam I don't get too close Because before you know it you talking to ghosts The city purge the heaven's clouds when I drive Sometimes immortal, sometimes want suicide Electric paddle on my heart thats wrapped on my sleeve This high is 74 degrees with a light breeze Trying to figure out why I'm in pain Or why my mans in his parents house with needles stuck in his veins Hook Verse (Scorcese) Misery's opportunity, You either wolf or sheep For real, my nigga it's nothing new to me You can keep ya scrutiny Another nail my coffin but the world's keeps screwing me Marching to a different drummer, cadence got me goose stepping Necklace like a noose on the news after 7 Nothing but violence, destruction, Trump's daily eruptions Daily nights in the ghetto fights, fucking, and cussing No parallels or just playing possum Either stay woke or get Freddie Grayed, nothing else to say We in the Hood like it's Fish Fry Fridays Goodbye to the Bad Guy, smoking, take the pain away Whisper sweet-n-nothings during cunninglingus Emotions like bad puns, shells a cunning linguist Human Rubix Cube, known to stump a genius Stumble through my thesis, thimble full of reason Only reason you alive still breathing… I mean it.. Hook Verse: (Sir Michael Rocks) I'm in Hawaii once again Just cut me in or cut me I'm a nigga I'm a mack If that's your man then give him something that's gon make a grand And if he bring that money back and stack in ya hand Then that's ya homie I swear to god I never let a broad come between me and my squad Y'all my niggas on my mummy And I'll never wear a wire on my guys I'll take it to the grave and they'll do the same for me Cartier purple frame boomerangs on me I started teeing up and the computers changed on me Ahhhhh… R.I.P to all my haters mane Scratch em, uh huh nigga you know Do you for the free, and you know where we be Scratch em ,uh huh nigga, you know And you know who we be, we do you for the free
Intro: (Scorcese) Crooked Halo Dirty Wings Robe Muddy Sandals Cruddy Verse: (Scorcese) Your love don't exist like Chris Broussard sources Whirlwind relationship left us both nauscus Cautious, it all falls down no Kanye Or Michael Douglas stop fronting like Eazy Duz It Ain't no future when you focus on ya past Astronaut status in the stars where I land Shazam! The genie in the bottle was the bigger lie It disappeared, like Puffy did in hypnotize I hear your lies but over there lies the truth I stand tall on my words like my name was Luke Skywalk, two live I semper fi then simplify And flip a fraction flim-flam I'm flabbergasted You struck a nerve like bad dentists you bastard bitch I hope you die and they burn the casket you buried in Cesarean emotions, beware the Ides of March This tidal wave wash away the castaways of hearts Hook: (Scorcese) I'm just an Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Angel with a filthy soul Verse: (Brian Ennals) Floating in the whip trying to see what these hoes bring Ass cheeks, coke lines, bitches with nose rings God a hating nigga always was always will be Sent me out the clouds cuz he too pussy to kill me White Jesus, Black God soul dripping black tar Texas Tea murder sprees, stained white tees No cleaning with detergent, drink liquor with serpents Orgies with ogres, searching for my purpose Hit the surface every century, nothing's ever meant to be She stuffed her tongue down my throat and told me pussy serenity I'm narcissistic Gabriel but ain't fell yet The bars was lifted it was written but we ain't hell yet Devil's advocate for savages who having it Walking through Heaven with all of hell's magistrate Created the Mayans, invented the mud But i'd rather hold ya titty than a grudge, what... Verse: (Scorcese) Bitch ya pussy smell like lukewarm dumpster juice Vamoose, when these chickens come home to roost Moose knuckles and cameltoes I'm an animal A carnivore but wouldn't touch you with a sharpened board A common source of animus like a slitted wrist Under scalding liquid, bitter like liquorice Liquored up, bumping Brian Ennals 'Papercuts' America the Brave so sublime I seanced pain Paranormal activity - Love is all we got! Roll the dice, poltergeist my heart is polar ice So precise, it's hard to pinpoint how I came to life Just to scribble these "fuck yous!" in the blood of Christ Fuck communion, fuck you for assuming Facades fade to black you rat, Flowers for Algernon Now smarten up dummy - no games like Avalon But ashes to ashes we all burn now Hook
Verse: (Scorcese) Demon on my shoulder, promise me the globe Promise me the kingdom if I sold my soul If it glitters call it gold I see the sun shining They call him Lucifer, God's trusted angel Who saw the jig first, now he he tempting humans Now he tempting me, raging like Akuma Said money's no object, fame that's no process Have it overnight, plus unite all the masses You can be a Trump, you can be a Clinton You can commute the wave god's life sentence The world in your palm what he whisper in my ear The Khaleesi giving neck, Iron throne be ya chair The queen of dragons, the king of kings Just submit to me, money never be a thing You'll be a Jay-Z, never Jermaine Dupri So fuck ya lemonade, here's a sweet tea I sniffed the coke and smile as I pondered his offer Than I grabbed the money bag as I walked to the coffers Hook: (Scorcese) It's Hell on Earth Whose checks are gonna clear first? My conscious is frontline And my enemy is one time I ain't gotta tell you… it's right in front of your eyes It's Hell on Earth Whose checks are gonna clear first? My conscious is frontline And my enemy is one time I ain't gotta tell you… it's right in front of your eyes Verse: (Killer Mike) Welcome to hell where you are welcome to sell A priceless soul for fame and cheap gold European cars elite and freak hoes The kush cloud ya mind the caine will geek ya nose The devil got his arm on my palm I feel warm He told that he first met me in the womb of my mom He told me he could make me a Bush or a Saddam He told me he could make it so men can't do me harm He told me he could lift me up high and give me greatness All I had to do was submit and bow to Satan I'm feeling like Keanu in scenes of Devil's Advocate Pressure cause my pockets dead broke, mom on Dialysis Hell on Earth and remaining an angel is too challenging So I'm riding down the highway to Hell in Dodge Challenger Hook Verse: (Pastor Troy) Devil on my shoulder, Jesus in my heart I gotta be smart this world will rip your ass apart So I start where I end I end where I begin In this world of sin smoking strong, drinking Gin My friends, my enemies do I really need em? They move in the dark but my night vision see em Running from the police I ain't with that First two steps they shoot ya ass in the back For that - I carry that Mac keep it concealed God telling me don't do it he know I will So I chill get my license back jump back in my whip Put the blunt between my lips and I dip Flip to another day and time when my life ain't on the line You live for the Devil or the divine… Yeah… Cuz even sinners got prices That's why I'm trying to deal with all my vices Hook
Verse: (Scorcese) Mama, Mama I had to write had to fight, I'm a fighter Let's go twelve rounds don't think about it Let me speak my peace ain't no shame about it Hate you cause you should have quit Flushed me away I'm a piece of shit Washed your hands but you never did Now I'm pissed as fuck from all the shame I get Hate you cause you love me, that love is unconditional The charges, the fuck ups that love still unconditional I know I'm sounding cynical, but how I'm supposed to match this? Almost died at six months but you save me from a casket Chicken pox, sickle cell, grand theft auto in a county jail You was right there and I mean right there Now I'm living my worst nightmare Cancer cells, chemo treatments Blind to your pain but you see no evil Going insane while you sleep so peaceful Ask me to pray but that seem so fecal But I, losing you wasn't worth my pride I held my tongue when you met my eyes Let you speak then I mumbled amen As you went back to sleep I just started thinking Hook: (Scorcese) Wrote a letter to my mama, tell her why I hate her Said I know you love, always used to say this Why settle for average? You could be the greatest All I bought was sadness, you never repaid it Tell me why I'm worth it? Swear I'm feeling worthless Know I don't deserve you, but this whole world do Oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why Why I hate my Mama... Verse: (Scorcese) Sacrifice, Sacrifice used to complain about eggs and rice Cube steak was a gourmet meal she flipped and chopped no samurai In the dark you candlelight, First bundle you found that Kicked me out, that’s aight, 30th street, long nights Two jobs, no sleep, sacrifice for my prom night But I tricked em all, I tricked it all Shopping spree, I spent it all Kiss lemme see that scale cuz Gotta weigh all the pain I caused We gon make it off the strength of you Shoulder loads like it's ten of you Times ten, times ten, triple that number Then times ten These ain't lyrics they real life Painting these pictures no still life But there's still nights when I lay awake Whole christmas on layaway Two more payments you laid off Bounced back, made a way Took a charge no fadeaway Now bills due, our rents due Your selfish son just steals from you All because he fiends for new pairs of shoes Fuck up after fuck up but my Mama's love is still proof Fuck up after fuck up but my Mama's love is still proof Hook
Intro: (Big Rube) You already know what it is… Alpha… That boy Scorcese… This is a World Only Gods Know... Verse: (Scorcese) Goodbye life, goodbye to my seeds Hope I watered your strengths, nurtured your dreams Hope I, provide understanding, tried to be a better man Proof in the pudding grab the spoon from the devil's hand Dig in, just desserts to display your worth My main course was diverted no my hungers worse Reminded, times I hunted through my mother's purse Appetite destructive - but I'm built to serve Naive - thought my career and my degrees Could nullify the emptiness Jealousy she's a petty bitch swing and miss at love Buckled by the very pitch - a curveball You don't understand ya'll Running from my pain with my mutherfucking pants off I passed off depression with obsession Ironic how I teach but never learned the lesson No difference- between the weed and the Lord's blessing Divorce religion, embrace my kids Full circle came back to them In the cave they the light Young plato when I grip the mic, y'all niggas scary spice Old washed up dancing bitches, never pose for pictures I'm supposed to be the one you don't need descriptions Hook: (Scorcese) Ain't no hook on this bitch I just wanna say Goodbye Life And ain't no love in this bitch I just wanna say Goodbye Life Celebrate your wins, learn from your losses Die small time or become a Colossus Goodbye Life Good...bye… life Verse: (Scorcese) Apologizes in order, to my aborted daughter If it was up to me you would breathe Comfortably Feel ya touch like a summer breeze If you existed at all, I'd prolly be a better me Only ghost I ever claimed to see Goodbye Life, this next line for Speez Pursuing perfection paralyzes, Time waits for no man You a demigod, the world in your hands Be a skyscraper -penthouse, never the basement Ya talent is a gift to share never waste it Mama said glimpse the future reach for it, embrace it But rushing leads to tragedy so have patience hard to pace a spaceship when you hungry Or bit of more than you can chew… You'll catch that later in a quiet moment, this is my atonement This a violent bonus... This ain't alpha to omega this is Alpha x Scorcese Break: (Big Rube) Sometimes you the bug and sometimes you the windshield Sometimes you feel you walking dead you shoulda been killed Think its cool to say shit got real nigga it’s been real Played yourself making monkey ass moves you shoulda been still The chance remains to break the chains of ignorance that still binds you To the weight of all your sorrows and the darkness in your heart that blinds you So truth’s light can illuminate and elevate your mind too And strengthen your resolve to put the worst in life behind you And say goodbye to an existence of sadness and depression Joyless days, restless nights, hopelessness and missing blessings What’s the lesson? The path of least resistance causes weakness Turns the strongest, most aggressive of us into the meekest To say ‘Goodbye Life’ doesn’t mean you saying goodbye to living What it means is we can no longer accept simply existing Hook Verse: (Scorcese) My day 1s ain't my A1s, fucking serpents look what they become It ain't these fucking drugs got my brain so numb It was you and only you, supposed to be crew Supposed to be gang… fake hugs and handshakes, got me going insane Cuz I shoulda felt it, that shift was seismic We split over nothing Humpty Dump niggas never on top Quick to fall when the pressures on Can't put this back together, guess thems the breaks So lemme stop… lemme off Y'all niggas screwed like a bottle cap Wins coming out my pores lemme bottle that Fast lane dip the curves lemme throttle that Did the right thing nigga where my karma at? Told Alph winner's circle where we stopping at We tighter than a stocking cap, police still harass us Niggas turning caspers, all we got is us A World only Gods Know, All we got is us Zips til my heart cold, all we got is trust Plus... Place my bust next to Biggie, Sean P & Prodigy If it's gotta be it's gotta be Force of Nature, Firm Philosophy Probably…


'A World Only Gods Know' is a collaborative project between Dallas-based producer Alpha Davis (Newport Music, Badu Vision) and Philadelphia MC Scorcese Shells (2 Man Power Trip, Black Superhero Music). Entirely produced by Alpha Davis & Chris Wright, World Only Gods Know features BIGSPITGAME, Brian Ennals, Sir Michael Rocks (Cool Kids) Juspaul, Vodka, Sandman (REUP Gang), Pastor Troy, and Killer Mike (Run The Jewels).


released March 22, 2018

Words (mostly) by Scorcese
Produced by Alpha
Mixed by Chris
Art by Theotis




Gods Know Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whether you are drawn in by the Philadelphia born emcee, Scorcese’s quick witted words or the smooth sonic foundation laid by Dallas producer Alpha, we hope you enjoy. The two have forged a sound best described as multifaceted.

A World Only God’s is that sound.
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